“Creative expression can make a powerful contribution to the healing process.”

——American Journal of Public Health


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The Healing Power Of Art


Painting is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, create focus, and promote mindfulness. 

Researchers found that 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body.

Experience it yourself with a paint by numbers kit, including all paint colors and brushes!


There are no hard and fast rules to paint with numbers. Following are a few tips which always come handy when painting with these kits.

1. Start painting from the top of the canvas to avoid unwanted smudges.
2. Paint bigger sections (The easier part) of the painting first so you can focus on the fine detailing with more focus.
3. Choose a quiet and calm place for better effect of activity.
4. Remember to close the paint boxes which are not in use so that the paints don’t end up dry.
5. Take your time with painting. It will be relaxing and worth enjoying.
6. Always wash your brushes with water when you switch colors.
7. Use the paint moderately since there’s only a limited supply provided in your kit. However, the paint is more than enough to complete the painting.


Loved all the painting. Took many hours to complete. Very happy with the colours turned out same as the pic supplied.

Toriy D. / Verified purchase✔

Absolutely loved doing this highland cow. Thrilled with how it turned out.

Rupali L. / Verified purchase✔

Have already ordered more paintings

Colin H. / Verified purchase✔